Belkin Apple Pencil Case + Stand

Belkin Apple Pencil + Stand

I saw this in a store yesterday and immediately grabbed it, I didn’t even read the price on the label ($45 AUD by the way). It seemed a handy travel case for the pencil, especially with a handy stand and compartment for storing the spare nib and charging adapter. Unfortunately, the case appears to have been constructed with iPhone-like tolerances, and any slight deviation from the stock Apple Pencil renders the case entirely unable to close.

Any modification to the Pencil and the lid won’t close

I tried removing the magnet from the sleeve, hoping maybe a bit of sandpaper and superglue would allow me to attach the magnet without the sleeve, but in my test even without the sleeve the magnet was enough to keep the lid from closing.

Handy, but could be better

The Belkin Apple Pencil Case + Stand feels like a great idea that misses the mark slightly, if only because I find having the magnet to affix my Pencil to the iPad is a superior day-to-day addition to the Pencil’s design and not one I’m willing to sacrifice in order to use Belkin’s handy but less-handy-than-a-magnet Pencil case. My suggestion for a version 2 would be to have a bit more space around the Pencil enclosure, and slightly more clearance for the lid. Just my 2 cents.


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