Installing macOS Sierra on an older Mac

macOS Sierra dropped today, and I’m guessing that many of us that have perfectly capable machines are going to be stung by the cut off. Whilst this makes sense from Apple’s perspective (they’ve usually enforced strict cut offs for vintage and obsolete machines and thus have less legacy hardware to support) it can be a tad annoying for those of us with 2008-2009 Mac Pros serving as either backup workstations (or in the case of the 2009, fully fledged 12-core dual GPU powerhouses).

Thankfully, there’s a handy little tool called macOS Sierra patcher which can keep that old hardware alive a bit longer. Once downloaded, the software allows you to either patch (or download and patch) the Sierra installer and install it onto legacy hardware.

My old 2008 Mac Pro mostly sits back ripping Blu-Rays or performing other menial rendering tasks while my 2013 Mac Pro does all the real work, but keeping the spare computer up-to-date and running the latest software I think is important so as to have a backup machine readily accessible at all times in case things go pear-shaped. My set up is fairly benign, an 8-core 2.8GHz stock Mac Pro with 18Gb of RAM, an SSD boot drive and a GTX 750Ti, but its powerful enough to know I can rely on it when needed. They can be bought reasonably inexpensively as well these days, so for someone needing some spare render horsepower or just a reliable backup machine, an old Mac Pro with a new graphics card could be just what the doctor ordered.


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